How to Prevent Radiator Core Leaks

Preventive Measures to Stop Radiator Core from Leaking

How to Prevent Radiator Core Leaks

Radiators are an important component for any vehicle as they help keep the optimal engine temperature, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

However, if there is a leak in the radiator, it could lead to some catastrophic consequences like overheating or even engine stalling.

So, if you want to avoid these from happening, here are some ways to check possible leaks and their preventive measures. Also, if the leaks are unrepairable, you can order a new radiator from FTH Industries, a leading radiator core manufacturer.

Let’s begin.

Common Reasons Behind Radiator Leaks

Pressure buildup

Pressure buildup is one of the reasons behind a radiator leakage. Extreme pressure buildup in the cooling system can lead to radiator leaks, especially in old or poorly maintained vehicles.

Pressure levels build up when there is a blockage, or the cooling system reaches extreme temperature, putting pressure on the radiator and its seals.

At certain times, weak or worn-out radiator caps couldn’t hold such pressure, resulting in leaks around the cap or overflow reservoir.

Corrosion or rust

Another primary reason for radiator leaks could be corrosion or rust buildup. Exposure to moisture, heat, and foreign contaminants can cause the metal surfaces to corrode over time, weakening their structural integrity.

Metal parts like the radiator core, hoses, and fittings could lead to rusting, making it prone to leakages. Furthermore, corrosion could eat away aluminum or copper fins, creating tiny holes and fissures that allow coolant to leak.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Radiator Leaks

Radiator Sealants

You can buy radiator sealants, which are beneficial for filling small or hairline cracks and offer a rapid and budget-friendly solution. You can buy radiator sealants in the form of powder or liquid.

As soon as you circulate it through the cooling system, it will start sealing leaks when it comes in contact with air. Also, remember that these radiator sealants are temporary fixes and are not suitable for large or severe leaks.

However, if there is a large crack in the radiator, you can always buy one from FTH Industries, a leading radiator core supplier.

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