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Common Car Radiator Myths

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Have you ever wondered what keeps your car engine cool after driving hundreds of kilometers? The radiator is the component responsible for this crucial function. Radiators play a huge role in vehicle cooling systems, yet they are often overlooked.

Just like the human heart pumps blood through the body, the radiator ensures that the coolant flows through the engine, preventing it from overheating. The vehicle’s radiator includes the following components:

  • The core – Allows coolant to flow through the engine
  • The pressure cap – Keep radiator coolant sealed & pressurized
  • Inlet-outlet tanks – Coolant gets cold here and flows back into the engine
  • Radiator hoses – Keeps coolant flowing between inlet & outlet tanks.

Myths about Automotive Radiators Debunked

Radiators are an important part of the vehicle. If you are looking to buy one, get it from FTH Industries.

However, if you are interested in knowing some myths about automotive radiators, let’s debunk them!

Myth #1 Insect Can Cause Serious Damages to Your Radiator

One myth suggests that insects can seriously harm your radiator. This could happen in rare cases when hundreds of insects hit the radiator at high speeds. In reality, insects cause no harm because the radiator is designed to function normally even with insects on the surface, keeping your engine cool.

Myth #2 You can Use Any Type of Antifreeze

This myth is somewhat true because any type of antifreeze is better than none. However, if you own a luxury vehicle, it is better to use the brand-recommended antifreeze for the radiators to prevent damage. If you don’t know the type of antifreeze your vehicle uses, check the owner’s manual.

If you accidentally poured the wrong antifreeze in your excavator’s radiator, replace it with the correct type. You can contact the nearest excavator radiator manufacturer for assistance.

Myth #3 A Small Leak from the Radiator Isn’t a Big Issue

If you think a small leak in your radiator isn’t an issue, think again! Over time, a small leak can empty your radiator and the reservoir tank, affecting your vehicle’s cooling system and potentially choking the engine.

Additionally, antifreeze leaking on your garage floor is dangerous for humans and pets because it contains glycol, a poisonous chemical.

If you see green or blue liquid leaking from your engine, get it checked before it’s too late.

If your radiator is leaking due to damage, you can buy a new one from FTH Industries, a radiator manufacturer in India, at an affordable price.

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