Things You Must Know About Your Car Radiator

4 Major Things You Must Know About Your Car Radiator

Things You Must Know About Your Car Radiator

Car radiator is an essential component of your car which performs some very important functions to keep your car up and running. Car radiators are fairly easy to maintain when paid attention to. The main function of your car radiator is to keep the engine of your car cool. That’s why it is imperative to look after it in a proper manner. Let’s take a look at some major things you must know about your car radiator that you need to know. Radiator manufacturers in India highly encourage you to know as much as you can know about your car radiator.

First things first! You should never open the car radiator cap when the engine is hot. You should allow it to cool down before you open it.

1. Low coolant level

Low coolant level is one of the prime reasons behind vehicle overheating. Low coolant level can come about because of numerous reasons such as a leakage in head gasket or a serious heater core issue. Top radiator manufacturers in India suggest that you must renew your coolant every single time your car is serviced. In-fact you should keep an eye on your coolant level. Keep checking it every month to ensure coolant levels do not drop.

2. Radiator clogging

Due to dirt, insects and debris the car radiator might get clogged at times which will block the airflow. This will cause the car engine to overheat. All you need to do is open the car bonnet and you will be able to see it very clearly. See the radiator surface and watch out for cold spots. You can do this easily by using an infrared thermostat.

3. Radiator cap

The radiator cap is one of the most important components of your car radiator. It often gets ignored, but it is causes the car to overheat. People often fail to screw the car radiator properly because of which the coolant leaks. You must know that the radiator cap not only prevents the coolant from leaking but also helps maintain the right water pressure. Pressure is not maintained well which is a major issue.

4. Thermostat

Another key component of the radiator is the thermostat. Hot water in the system fails to escape back into the system to be cooled which makes the car radiator to overheat. Radiator assembly manufacturers say that you must get the thermostat replaced if it stops functioning.

You can easily stop your car from breaking down if you pay attention to the car radiator. Get in touch with a garage nearby and get the radiator inspected.

Hope you found the post informative. For more information related to top radiator manufacturers in India, feel free to get in touch with us.

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