5 Amazing Tips to Maintain Your Radiator

Amazing Radiator Tips for Optimum Performance

5 Amazing Tips to Maintain Your Radiator

It is quite obvious that radiator is one of the most crucial components of your vehicle. You always want your radiator to function properly because it will help temperatures under check. In case your radiator is not maintained properly, it will stop functioning the way it should and will certainly hamper the performance of your car engine as well. If you are reading this post, chances are that you wish to know some really amazing tips to maintain your radiator. So, read on:

1. Coolant levels must be checked

Coolant levels are often ignored, but it is a big mistakes to make. You would like to refrain from making this huge mistake. According to radiator manufacturers in India, that’s because if your vehicle lacks sufficient or recommended coolant level, then it will not be able to keep the engine cool. A good tip here is to check your coolant levels every single time you check the oil of your vehicle.

2. Refrain from opening radiator cap when the vehicle is hot

You must always refrain from opening the radiator cap when the vehicle is hot. It is an extremely important point to bear in mind because when the coolant levels are low, you might be tempted to fill it with the coolant but it should always be done after the engine has cooled down. Not doing so can lead to a disastrous injury. In-fact, if the coolant level is low and you have used the vehicle for a while, you can leave it unused overnight and fill the coolant next morning.

3. Annual flush is extremely important

Annual flush is highly recommended by radiator exporters. You can do so when the coolant is entirely drained. You can fill fresh coolant into the system. This practice must be followed religiously if you want your radiator to offer optimum performance for a long time.

4. Holes and leaks must not be ignored

There are times when your vehicle is running low on coolant levels because of leaks and holes. If there are any leakages, you will lose the entire coolant of your system. It will result in motor overheating and will impact the performance of your car radiator in a negative fashion.

5. Don’t mix coolants

You must always stay away from mixing coolants. If you do so, it will only end up becoming gelatin like fluid and junk up inside the cooling system. For the same reason, you should always fill coolant the way it is recommended by radiator manufacturers in India.

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