Commonly Known Radiator Problems

Commonly Known Radiator Problems and Ways to Avoid Them

Commonly Known Radiator Problems

Radiator is one of the most ignored components of your car engine. You must be aware that the radiator plays an important role to keep your engine’s temperature within manageable limits at all times, but if it doesn’t function well, it can give rise to multiple problems. The coolant fluid flows around the engine block and when the temperature rises beyond a particular point, the thermostat opens to allow the coolant to flow in to the radiator. It flows into the radiator through an entry tube.
According to the industrial radiator manufacturers in India the radiator of your engine is prone to more problems than potentially any other part of your engine. The coolant system of your engine has to withstand plenty of temperature spikes, heat swings and much more. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most commonly known radiator issues and how you can keep them at bay.


Leaks are one of the biggest enemies of your car radiator. According to radiator exporters, it is the most common radiator issue one may encounter. Pressure build-up in the car radiator is in extremes at times and it causes the rubber hoses to fail after a particular point of time. Leaks are bound to happen when the hoses start failing. If you spot any sweet smelling green fluid, you must quickly take it to a garage.


Due to constant liquid flow inside the engine, rust is always on the cards, but how do you know that your car radiator has started rusting? If you see any brown color fluid inside the coolant, it is an indication of rust. Letting the rust spread will only help small holes develop. These holes gradually grow bigger and cause the radiator to damage even further.


Number 3 on the list is overheating. Overheating can come about because of many reasons, including low coolant levels, a loose hose or leaks. You should stay away from driving a car with hot engine. There are times when overheating is not due to the radiator. If the thermostat gets stuck or water pump not functioning well, it could also cause overheating.
According to industrial radiator manufacturers in India, the best way to keep these common problems is to get your car inspected on a regular basis. You must get the coolant replaced after every 20,000 miles or as advised by your car mechanic. Do not ignore loose hose, leaks or any cracks. It is a good idea to add some extra coolant to prevent these problems.
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