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Read This Before You Choose To Repair The Radiator Yourself

There are many different ways to repair a radiator, but not all methods are suitable for the radiator. In case you need to fix it by yourself instead of going to a radiator manufacturer in India or are just interested in knowing how it is done, here are a few points that will help you determine if the radiator should be repaired or replaced.

industrial radiator manufacturers

Before we start, it’s essential to understand the difference between the various types of radiators, specifically those made with copper-brass and those built with aluminum which is constructed primarily by industrial radiator manufacturers. Moreover, the type of tank and the precise location of the leak are significant too. Here are the preliminary steps for repairing a radiator:

Identifying the material

A radiator is most likely made with either aluminum or copper-brass. The substance for the tanks can vary and can typically be made of aluminum, plastic, or brass based on the material of the core. The material with which the radiator is made from determines the best way to fix it. Some radiators can be repaired while other ones have to be replaced.

Identifying the leak

This is an obvious step, but it is essential to know the precise location of the leak. If you’ve noticed radiator fluid on the ground, then you need to find the exact source. If the leak is in the radiator hose and not the radiator itself, then it is much easier to fix it. Some common points of failure are:

  • Connection to the tank
  • Radiator pipes (tubes)
  • Header tubes

Besides the location, it is essential to determine why the leak is occurring. Some damages cannot be repaired and might require the complete replacement of the radiator. One should look for any of the following:

  • Notable damage to the metal
  • Pinhole punctures
  • A detachment of the tank from the core
  • Corrosion

If you find any sort of critical damage to the radiator than it will mean that you will have to replace it. If the tanks are in right shape than you might be able to get the unit re-cored. If there are pinhole leaks, you should try to at least re-core the radiator because it means there is a possibility of corrosion inside the equipment.

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