Reason for Radiator Fan Assembly Replacement

Reasons why Radiator Fan Assembly Needs a Replacement

Reason for Radiator Fan Assembly Replacement

Radiator is the heart of your vehicle and hence its importance cannot be undermined. It is therefore important for you to keep a close eye on the performance and maintenance of your radiator, if you do not want your car to break down. Radiator suppliers say that the radiator fan assembly is equally crucial and hence it must be inspected from time to time to keep any sort of problems at bay. In this post, we will share reasons why your car radiator might need a replacement, but before that let’s take a look at the functioning of a radiator fan assembly.

Functioning of radiator fan assembly

Most of the vehicles have an electric motor radiator fan. The job of the radiator fan is to take in the air and cool it so that the vehicle can be kept cool. This ensures optimum performance. The radiator fan assembly consists of fan, fan shroud and the motor. Depending upon the conditions any of these components may wear with time passage. According to the radiator manufacturers in India More often than not, the fan assembly tends to fail because of a faulty motor and hence it might need a replacement.

There are certain signs that help you determine that there is something wrong with your radiator assembly. If these signs are ignored and required maintenance not carried out it could result in engine damage and create performance related issues. Let’s take a look at those signs:

1. Overheating of your car engine

When the car radiator doesn’t function in the way it ideally should, it fails to keep the engine cool. Due to this if the engine has to sustain the damage, it would just lead to costly repair work. It can also make the car undriveable until you get the problem fixed.

2. Air conditioning functioning can be affected

Due to high outside temperatures the car engine has to work harder than usual to keep the temperatures at optimum levels. When the radiator fan struggles to function the way it should, it ends up draining the AC fan’s power which understandably leads to poor AC functioning.

3. Unusual noise from radiator fan

It is a sign that you must get it inspected by a professional to detect any problems it may have. If this is left acknowledged, it will just add to car problems.

Automotive radiator manufacturers in India say that you must not take these problems for granted if you want to achieve maximum car radiator performance. For more information related to radiator suppliers, feel free to get in touch with us.

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