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Tips for Inspecting Car Radiator Safely

Car Radiator

Our cars tend to produce heat when in motion. This heat may increase and end up damaging the engine of the car. To control the heat and prevent the damage, purchasing a high-quality radiator from the radiator manufacturer in Ahmedabad is important. In case of a breakdown, one needs to first check the condition of the car radiator. Before you start inspecting the radiator yourself, read the below-mentioned list of tips for car radiator inspection.

Things to consider before inspecting car radiator yourself

Car radiators can be extremely hot and one can end up getting hurt if not paid attention. You need to learn to avoid getting burnt before you start checking your radiator or engine. Your skin can get severe injuries due to the boiling hot car radiators and caps. We have listed down tips to avoid car radiator burns. They are:

Wait for the engine to cool down

It takes time for the car engine and the radiator to cool down even after the ignition has been turned off. Extreme care needs to be taken or the boiling liquid in the radiator might leave severe burns on the skin. According to the radiator core supplier, it takes approximately 30-40 minutes for the engine and the radiator to completely cool down.

Use burn-resistant glove

Always keep a rag or a pair of a burn-resistant glove in your vehicle. Even after the engine has completely cooled down, it is advised to use these gloves to check the coolant system. The coolant system is pressurized and using burn-resistant gloves can be helpful. You might have heard the proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and using rag or gloves will eliminate the threat of skin getting burnt.

Tilt the cap

Once you open the hood of the car, be careful to keep your face from the engine. To be on a safer side, one needs to tilt the cap of the coolant system away from the face. The radiator might spray the pressurized antifreeze that has worked its way up trying to control the heat. Human skin is really sensitive and such pressure may cause injuries that last lifelong.

One must keep these tips in mind before checking the radiator themselves. You can approach FTH Industries, the radiator manufacturer in Ahmedabad in case of any issues related to radiators. FTH has an experience of more than 5 years in the field of Radiator Training and Manufacturing.

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