Basics of Radiator

Understanding the Basics of Radiator Before you Buy One

Basics of Radiator

Radiators are used in a variety of areas. For instance, the radiators from FTH Industries are mainly responsible for the cooling engine in your vehicle. When there is any machine or a system that stops functioning, it could be the radiator inside. In such a situation you need to look for a reputed radiator cores manufacturer. But before doing so, you need to know how a radiator functions. It would help you to choose the right radiator from us and make proper connections.

Basics of a Radiator

Radiators are also known as heat exchangers. These are used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another. It could be used for both cooling and heating. A radiator has a wide cooling surface that contains large amounts of air. It spreads through the water to cool the car efficiently. This radiator has a wide range of application in the automobile industries. Not just the AC, but the internal combustion engine in the automobile is also cooled by a radiator. Our radiators are also used in locomotives, railway, motorcycles, and generating plants. In short, wherever there is a piston engine working, radiators are being used.

Types of Radiators

FTH Industries being one of the best automotive radiator manufacturers know that the radiators classified based on the direction off the flow of water through those. In some radiators the water flows from top to bottom, while in others the water flows horizontally from an input tank to another. The second type is the side-cross flow radiator.

At FTH Industries we manufacture two basic types:

  • The tubular type radiator and the cellular type radiator

In the tubular type or the top to bottom flow type, two tanks are connected by a series of tubes. In the cellular type, the tubes between the tanks contain air and the water flows through the spaces in between.

Choosing the right radiator cores manufacturer

It is advisable that you choose a radiator manufacturer that is well-known and reputed. Never forget to check the stock of the manufacturer. You must choose a company that has a substantial stock of contemporary designed radiators and cores. In short, research well and choose a manufacturer like us, who delivers in multiple states and has a sense of commitment towards the customers.

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